I take the Stress out of  IT and Communications technology

I help home owners and small businesses set up and manage IT, Communications systems and websites with a minimum of fuss. 

why work with Me?

Over 200+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

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Laptops, Smart home,

Wi-Fi extenders and phones and all the way up to sophisticated office set ups with VPN and integrated communications. I can help.

Support and Maintenance

I can provide you with oncall support to keep your systems working so your small business can keep operating and your home systems work exactly how you need them too.


Small websites to better engage your customers or a fully integrated online store for your business. Speak to us about your website requirements and we will bring it into reality.

about me

I use my experience to improve yours

I have a degree in Information Technology and I'm also a licenced cabler with over 15 years of experience installing and managing both small and large IT and communications systems.

From working with Government agencies through Oracle and Telstra and all sizes in between, I've been lucky enough to experience firsthand what  IT troubles most  business and home owners.


Discover how I can make a difference with your technology

We are customer focused and driven to provide you with the best possible solution. 

I take the time to understand your environment. I will diagnose the pain points and come up with solutions that are customised to you and your situation. 

I’d love to talk about what matters to you.